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5. Leader

5. Leader

It not always that they are leaders but they always and think like a leader and take action accordingly.

They have that unflinching faith on themself that they can accomplish anything. They have a clear picture and a solid plan in their head about you end result. And they work very hard with right strategy to reach their destination.

Be selfless. A leader is someone who is always in the quest of finding ways to serve other in whatever best way possible.


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How To Recover From Burnout

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Seeking support from others

Identifying the symptoms of burnout

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The Greatness of A Leader.

The Greatness of A Leader.

  • When the leader accomplish great works, they become admired by their people, they gives off the impression of being powerful, being able to do feats that no one else has ever done. As a hero he's admired for his deeds.

The leaders need to follow the same rules that they have established for the followers. Exploitation and manipulation of the group’s procedures and its members can compromise the credibility of the leader.

Leaders must ta...


8. A Leader Measures Success Differently Than a Boss.

8. A Leader Measures Success Differently Than a Boss.

Bosses determine their success by a title position or hierarchy in the business. A leader – especially a born leader – influences anywhere and everywhere.

Leaders define their success by the passion and impact of the people they influence. This is why I believe

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