Strengthening neural factors can help us foster a sense of wholeness and live in the now - Deepstash

Strengthening neural factors can help us foster a sense of wholeness and live in the now

  • The fourth step to awakening is to feel truly whole. This is achieved by accepting yourself fully, despite the mind's natural tendencies toward negativity.
  • The brain's default mode network drives rumination, which can make us feel unfulfilled because we get lost in thought throughout the day. Expanding the brain's lateral networks can help suppress the midline cortical networks and allow us to see the bigger picture.
  • Gestalt awareness helps us feel whole, by bringing awareness to our whole bodies and our minds as a vast sky. This allows us to be present in the moment.


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Rick Hanson's neurodharma approach to happiness combines modern neuroscience with teachings from the Theravada Buddhist tradition to help you become more mindful, balanced, and connected to the world.

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