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Minimalism is having fewer possessions and being intentional with the items you have.  

Minimalism allows us to have freedom, satisfaction, and experiences we may not have had when we are buried under our belongings.

Minimalism isn't just about throwing away stuff we don't need, but a new way of living life, where we are more aligned with the present moment, not distracted by stuff around us.


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Most of the stuff we own is wearing us down.

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It's the idea that by owning less, we free up the time, energy, and money to get the most out of life. The more intentional we are about what we keep, the freer we are to seek fulfillment.

Minimalism encourages us to invest in things we love, instead of accumulating things we like. W...

Minimalism in not the same as anti-consumerism

Kyle Chayka, the author of The Longing for Less: Living with Minimalism, reminds us that minimalism started in the art world and was about finding beauty in unexpected things, such as industrial materials.

Throwing out all your stuff might seem to be against consu...

Bring in a degree of intentionality into our daily experiences

  1. Developing an understanding of various use cases and digital workflows in our lives will make us limit the number of apps we engage with frequently.
  2. Practising digital minimalism has many benefits such as having fewer distractions from the real world, less tracking (and risks) of our...

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