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Try to say only three important things

When you have four or more points to talk about, eliminate them or see if you can add them to other things, so you have only three points. 

Three things are all we will remember well without reading them. Your audience will also not remember more than three things, so stick to three.



Following tips on how to communicate or write well can make it mechanical and boring. For example, "When you're speaking to a crowd, vary the pace and the tone of your speech." It is correct but doesn't necessarily make sense in terms of how you're relating to the people you're talking with.

Instead of a using tips, use a process. It can transform you so the tips take place automatically. The source of a pause or the volume of your voice should because you are relating to your audience.

Say it three times

Say it three times

If you have to talk about a difficult idea, try to say it three times throughout the talk.

  • The first time you hear it, you start to get used to it.
  • The second time it sounds familiar.
  • The third time you get it.

Say it in three different ways

When you have something difficult to say that will not be easy to understand, say it in three different ways.

If you explain a difficult idea from different angles, you have a better chance of getting a three-dimensional view of the idea, so try to say it three different ways.

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