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Building A Professional Network

Building A Professional Network

Relationships are where a lot of our business and personal connections are formed and fostered, and they are an integral part of our growth. However, by learning how to best utilize your podcast's platform and following, you will observe just how much of a networking and connection-building vehicle your podcast can be for you and your business.


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Investing and saving is not the same thing.

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Being a Graphic Designer in the Modern World

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How to create a strong portfolio

How to network and market yourself as a designer

How to manage time and prioritize tasks

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Building valuable relationships

Your circle of influence can play a large role in building your social currency.

Before you can build strong connections, understand that connections don’t just happen by chance. Everything you say and do is going to impact your relationships with people, and no one will want to form any ty...

Month 3 – Build a social network. (1)

Month 3 – Build a social network. (1)

My social network was nonexistent when I started with personal growth. My longest relationship of five years just ended. And most of the people I thought my friends left me. So, I had to start from the ground.

I won’t lie to you – it...

Diversity and evolution when establishing new connections

Building professional relationships requires respecting a set of basic rules, in order to make the best of your connections. Among these, connecting with people from all the fields of activity and checking regularly your network, so as to make sure that your current connections match your desired...

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