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Follow Your Core Values

Follow Your Core Values

Remember the core values we defined in Step 1? You are going to use these a lot. Tape them on your wall. Set them up as a pop-up on your computer. Live by these values and do not second-guess them (or yourself).


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Choosing Core Values

  1. Choose your top 6-8 values from a wide-ranging list of values.
  2. Think of three to six people you most admire or love. Consider why they are so important to you. 

  3. See a career counsellor as they are able to help match their clients to a compatibl...

True core values are unique

True core values are unique

Have you tried reading your company values? Have you read it twice? Do these values stick and are they easy to remember? If not, you probably have the wrong values.

Try to have a maximum of five values where employees can easily remember them and these said values can be applied to everyda...

Create meaningful core values

  1. Start with a beginner’s mind, someone with no preconceived notions of what is.
  2. Create your list of personal values. 
  3. Chunk your personal values into related groups. 
  4. Highlight the central theme of each value group....

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