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Here are four examples of affirmations that came true for Adams:

  1. “I, Scott, will become rich.” He received two flashes of insight, telling him to invest in two specific stocks. Both these stocks grew like crazy over the next year.
  2. To date a woman he’d encountered briefly at work. She was out of his league, but they ended up briefly dating.
  3. To score 94 on the GMAT test. This was the score required to enter MBA programs. He’d only scored 77 previously, but this time he received the exact score of 94.
  4. “I, Scott Adams, will become a famous cartoonist.” This was the affirmation that changed his life. 


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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big is a guide to succeed despite your failures. Adams admits he has failed at more things than anyone he has ever met. But, he managed to transition from working in an office to being the creator of a world-famous comic strip within a few years. The key to this success were fundamental principles that he picked up along the way. This book outlines these principles and how they will benefit you more than what society suggests is best for you and your future.

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