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Self-authorship is the ability to define and express your own personal authority. It means that you’re not relying on external authority to define your beliefs, values, and social relationships. Instead of relying on external formulas, you are able to rely on your own internal voice to make decisions on a daily basis.


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You can have the best tools and strategies, but if you don’t have the right mind frame, things are not going to work.

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Self-Authorship: The Three Phases

Self-Authorship: The Three Phases

  1. Trusting our own internal voice, rather than reacting by the ways taught to us.
  2. Building an internal foundation of relationships, beliefs and values.
  3. Securing internal commitments and using them for taking decisions when faced with problems, situ...

Writing to shape your mind frames

Taking the time to write can quickly increase your ability to shape your mind frames to achieve your goals.

  • Growth mindset. It would be absurd to always write about the exact same thing. Writing regularly will push you to progress and keep learning.


It is about actively shaping your mind frames to reach your goals. If your goal is to learn or create, three mindframes will yield the most progress. 

  • Growth mindset - you don't see your abilities as fixed and see failures as opportunities for growth.

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