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The Self Audit

The Self Audit

  • Check in with yourself about what motivates you and what you consider to be most important in your life.
  • Create an activity-by-activity list of how you spend your time.
  • Label each activity by whether you consider it an "energy creator," "neutral" or "energy reducer".
  • At the end of the month, pull out the audit and look for trends.


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Self-Audit your career.

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Being a Graphic Designer in the Modern World

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The Habit‘s Scorecard

The Habit‘s Scorecard

To create your own Habits Scorecard, start by making a list of your daily habits.

Once you have a full list, look at each behavior, and ask yourself, “Is this a good habit, a bad habit, or a neutral habit?” If it is a good habit

+, - and =

Once you have your list, look at each behavior and ask yourelf if it is a good habit, a bad habit or a neutral habit. If it is a good habit then write "+" next to it. "-" for the bad ones and = for the neutral ones

For example:

  • Wake up =
  • Turn off alarm =

The Commitment Inventory

The Commitment Inventory productivity method makes us take stock of all our commitments and forces us to take a look at them.

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