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take time to relax

take time to relax

if you know what helps you to relax , you’ll find it useful whenever you’re feeling angry . take some time out to do something you enjoy , for instance :

going for a walk in the park

reading a book

trying some meditation

listening to music


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1. Make "power down" time a priority.

1. Make "power down" time a priority.

Shut down those activities that stimulate your mind, such as work, emails, internet browsing and even watching TV.

Try reading a book, ...

Create The Time To Relax

Create The Time To Relax

It is sometimes difficult to find some time to relax in our busy lives. However, it is important to set aside some quiet and uninterrupted time to be able to meditate, relax, and breathe.

  • Find a time where you can have some peace and quiet where you won't be interrupted;
  • Set...

Relax to improve memory

Relax to improve memory

  • Socializing is good for emotional and brain health. Just a 10-minute talk with a positive supportive person has been shown to improve memory.
  • Studies show that meditation

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