1. Delete the unneeded Go through each app... - Deepstash

1. Delete the unneeded

Go through each app and ask yourself 2 questions:

1. “Do I overuse this app?”

Yes? Delete it.

2. “Does this app help me and do I need it?”

Yes? Keep it.

But what if you want to take self-control out of the equation?


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8. Pick the battles to fight. Wisely

Ask yourself a set of questions before engaging in any activity:

  • Does spending time on this bring me closer to my goal? Personal or professional, it works wonders every time. If the answer is no, just don’t.
  • Can I do something else to help me reach my goal faster or more effect...

1 of 4C‘s- Competence

To get yourself and others self motivated. You need to Feel the competence, the empowerment.

Whenyou want someone to feel competence- even yourself- ask them these 3 questions:-

  1. Can you do it?- This is for ability. If yes, then ask,

Finding your “yes”

It's much easier to say no to things when you can identify your yes. A good yes should align with your core values and leave you feeling fulfilled.

Ask yourself these five questions to find out how you feel about an opportunity. If you answer "no" to any of these quest...

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