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5. Practice Joy & Gratitude

5. Practice Joy & Gratitude

A great tidal wave of cynicism & pessimism has washed ashore and drowned the dreams of our people. The emotional energy of the world is flatlining. We risk turning into a culture of slow-moving, low-aiming, negativity-spewing brats and blamers.

We will swim away from whirlpool of negativity & rekindle the magic of life. We will act like happy children again & again:

  • Be curious.
  • Release expectation.
  • Take pleasure in small things and expect good things.
  • Cheerfully engage the moment.

Let this become our practice, our mastery, and our art.


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6. Do Not Break Integrity

6. Do Not Break Integrity

In our darkest hours we compromise on who we are, what we believe in and we act against what we know to be true. Most of these breaks are small in scale but they compound. 

We should commit to the 6 practices of integrity:

  1. Think before we act
  2. Never commit...


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4. Advance with Abandon

4. Advance with Abandon

We must believe that we can bend reality to our own preferences, crafting the lives we desire through disciplined learning. And we must ACT.

The issue is we have been conditioned to believe the opposite. Instead of bold action we have to be cautious and follow the rules. In...


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We spend more time checking our stats than our souls.



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Responsibility for our Freedom

Personal Freedom does not mean the release of responsibility, it also does not necessarily mean the absence of struggle. Some might hope that “freedom” means we can give up or release responsibilities from our lives, but nothing could be further from the truth. The thinking goes, “If I am fre...


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7. Amplify Love

7. Amplify Love

Love is our origin & our final destination. But we stop giving it or receiving it because we were hurt & we don't feel safe doing it.

Hurt has nothing to do with love, and love is unaffiliated with and unaffected by pain. 


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The 9 Declarations

The 9 Declarations

These will serve as guidelines for regaining emotional, social, financial & spiritual freedom.

  1. Meet life with Full Presence
  2. Reclaim your Agenda
  3. Defeat your Demons
  4. Advance with Abandon
  5. Pr...


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When loyalty is chosen over truth, corruption is always near.



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2. Reclaim Our Agenda

2. Reclaim Our Agenda

  1. On one hand we are becoming slaves to our own tools, especially our mobile phones. We must understand that our time can be spent meaningfully or wasted. But in order to spend it mindfully we need to clarify our needs & desires. 
  2. On the other, we are under the pressur...


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8. Inspire Greatness

8. Inspire Greatness

We no doubt live in a noisy, numb, narcissistic age. The talents and attentions of the majority are not invested in personal mastery and social responsibility but squandered on games, voyeurism, and base sensationalism.

As leaders, we will ask for more from those around us. Let us demand:


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1. Meet Life with Full Presence & Power

1. Meet Life with Full Presence & Power

Avoidance may be the best short-term strategy to avoid pain and conflict, but it is also the best long-term strategy to ensure suffering.

In any given moment we can play a combination of vital roles:

  • Observer - the default viewer
  • Director...


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9. Slow Time

9. Slow Time

We are not supposed to miss this moment. Awareness is humanity’s best weapon against time. So let us always remember our capacities to be gifted time benders.

To slow down the moment, we must heighten our senses. To feel something more, we must either take more in, or more ...


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2 beats longer

We can train our awareness with a practice called 2 (heart) beats longer:

Do not breathe so quickly. Take in air for two beats longer. Do not scan the room. Sense the room by gazing into each shadow and corner for two beats longer. Do not merely glance at he...


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You are not responsible for the happiness of others

The demands of the whimsically needy or the terminally ill-prepared are not our issue. Their lives are NOT our responsibility. This idea is freeing:

I am not in charge or responsible for the wrecks others have created in their lives and I don't need to save everyone in ...


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Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom means liberty from the restrictions of social oppression & the tragic self-oppression that is fear. Freed, we have the ability to express who we truly are and pursue what we deeply desire without restrictions set by others.

Ironically, we are loosing our fr...


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3. Defeat your Demons

3. Defeat your Demons

We all host a 3 serpent head demon which makes us miserable:

  1. Doubt -  questions our worth & course of action. 
  2. Delay - use our fear to stop us from doing anything
  3. Division - we feel everyone around us is an idiot or un...


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Integrity is learning to feel hurt but not integrate its darkness into our soul or cast it onto another.



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Self help books are usually trash. This author however shows tremendous mastery over words. The ideas are just 10% of the book and if you remotely like them pick up the book and marvel at all the fancy expression Brendon came up with.

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