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Food is important for giving you the energy you need to create and maintain your shelter, or to hike out to safety. Take stock of the food you’ve brought with you and work out how to stretch out your supply for as long as possible.

Reserve your energy only for necessary tasks. With more energy in reserve, you’ll naturally require less food to survive.

Whenever hunger cravings overwhelm your mind, just slow down, relax, and remember that humans can survive three weeks without food. After a few hours, your mind should become significantly less stressed.


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You can only survive three days without water. This timeframe, however, could be even shorter if you’re hiking in humid environments. 

On most trips, you’ll likely have brought H2O with you, but packing a water purifier such as the lifestraw could help save your life by all...


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Heat Exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion

Cramps are an early warning sign that you’re dehydrated. As these symptoms appear, try to find a shaded area and drink purified water.

Once you start to experience symptoms like nausea, clammy hands, or a fast pulse, you must lie down in the shade, sip a drink slowly, and sprinkle cool wate...


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Stay Put If In Doubt

Stay Put If In Doubt

Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for any and all traces of humans. Whether it’s some trash left behind by a non-practitioner of LNT, a trail or pathway, camping sites, or the sounds of people talking.

If you can’t determine your location or navigate your way back to civilization, then you a...


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Surviving While Awaiting Rescue: Stay Calm

Surviving While Awaiting Rescue: Stay Calm

Now that you know the greatest risks to your safety, it’s time to learn how to keep yourself going while waiting on help while out in the wild.

You need a cool head now more than ever. If you’ve never practised meditation before, now is as good a time as any to begin. Sit down and ...


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Travel In Open Areas Or Popular Tourist Destinations

Travel In Open Areas Or Popular Tourist Destinations

This is a great tip if you’re a beginner. It’s an even better idea to stay close to your home on your first hiking adventure. While it might not be as exciting as heading deep into the wilds, this is a great way to learn basic navigation skills in a safe environment.


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What To Do If You Get The Shivers

What To Do If You Get The Shivers

The onset of hypothermia is usually gradual, so you have to watch yourself carefully before the debilitating symptoms take hold of you.

Hypothermia produces symptoms such as extreme shivering, weakened pulse, delirium, and poor balance. It’s far easier for you to contract hypothermia at nig...


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What To Do IF You Get Lost In The Woods

What To Do IF You Get Lost In The Woods

Once you realize you’re lost, the first things you need to do are stop, relax, and think about your situation carefully. Excessive anxiety will only cloud your judgment and drain your energy.

The STOP method helps you remember what to do after you realize you’re lost. These letters...


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Pinpoint Your Location

Pinpoint Your Location

Once your mind is calm, observe your surroundings and try to get an idea where you’re located. Try and mentally retrace your steps. 

If it is safe to do so, then climb to the highest elevation possible to better assess your location. If such a venture will take significant time or energy, o...


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The Bottom Line

Please remember to tell all your relations about your trip and carry your essential travel gear with you on the trail. These two preventative tips, along with the strategies listed above, could well prove critical in “surviving to tell the tale.” 


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Getting Lost In The Woods

Getting Lost In The Woods

Around 2,000 people get lost in the woods every year. 

We all believe we’re not going to be one of those unfortunate souls…but none of us can ever be 100 percent sure.

Here are some survival strategies you need to know to avoid getting into this precarious situation in the first place...


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Travel Downhill

Travel Downhill

Survival experts recommend that people who are lost in mountains or forests travel downhill. In most wildlife areas, it should take you no more than 20 hours of walking downhill to reach a town or city, or at least a road or established trail.

Since most cities in the past were built near b...


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How To NOT Get Lost In The Woods: Tell Your Loved Ones Where You Are Headed

The most important thing before going on a hike is to let friends and family know where you’re going and for how long. Leave them a map of your planned route and any other pertinent information about your trip, i.e. direction of travel, parking location. This way, if you don’t return within the t...


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Don't Burn Yourself Out

Don't Burn Yourself Out

Don’t walk around aimlessly for hours on end. Always think through your strategy before wasting your energy. You really need to watch how much energy you exert if you don’t have a huge food supply.

When you need a break, then sit back, drink some water, eat something, get in your sleeping b...


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Always Bring The 10 Essentials

Always Bring The 10 Essentials

Surviving when you do get lost involves a little preparation. Always, always make sure you have the backpacking 10 essentials with you when you go out hiking or backpacking:

  • Water purifier
  • Extra food and bottled water
  • Firestarter (matches/lighter)
  • First Aid Kit


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Do's And Don'ts

Do's And Don'ts


  • Tell someone at home where you’re going beforehand.
  • After you realize you’re lost, follow the STOP protocol and prioritize your needs.
  • Travel downhill and follow streams towards possible human habitations.
  • Stay in open areas and use all si...


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Find Some Water

Find Some Water

If you have made the decision to wait out and be rescued then the first priority is locating a reliable water source nearby without wandering too far off.

If you can’t find a stream or lake, consider hanging out a tarp to collect rainwater. While quite intensive, you can also use a piece of...


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Make A Shelter

Make A Shelter

In order to effectively ward off hypothermia, you need to create a reliable source of fire and find a good shelter.

Besides a cave (uninhabited, of course), the best shelter for a cold night in the woods is a tent. If you don’t have a tent and can’t find a safe cave, then try to set up cam...


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Signalling To The Rescuers

Signalling To The Rescuers

Make sure you are ready to signal potential rescuers. This could take many forms, such as blowing a whistle, flashing a mirror (or shiny metallic object) or even spelling “help” on the ground in an open area.

If lost in the mountains, you should use the appropriate signals to alert mountain...


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Travel With A Guide

Travel With A Guide

If you’re not too experienced with hiking or backpacking, there’s no shame in scheduling a tour with a guide, which is also a great way to learn the ropes before venturing out on your lonesome.

While this tip is optional for easier hiking treks, it’s a requirement for all other times. There...


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Learn Basic Navigation With A Map And Compass

Learn Basic Navigation With A Map And Compass

You should know how to read scales on a map. The most common map is 1:25,000, which means one centimeter on the map translates to 250 meters on the ground. You should also be able to identify features on the map and understand contouring, both of which can help you navigate terrain safely.



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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."- Hippocrates

Would you know what to do if you get lost in the woods, mountains, or wilderness? Make sure to plan for the best, yet prepare for the worst with our practical survival guide.

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