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The Money And The Position

The Money And The Position

Pay and promotion discussions need to be consistent with the development and real career progress.

While pay is a personal matter, criteria for pay increases and promotions should be transparent. Don’t use forced rankings to determine pay or promotion for small groups, assuming each team has high, middle and low performers. Generally, most employees want some form of incentive pay and they want autonomy and influence over their pay. When your employees have high well-being, they perform better, so make financial well-being an organizational responsibility


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Strengths-Based Conversations

Strengths-Based Conversations

Traditional performance management is set up to rank and rate employees and to “correct” their weaknesses. This approach often fails to actually improve performance. So how can managers know the right balance between praise and criticism for employees? A serious review of an individual’s strength...


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 Five Steps to Building a Strengths-Based Culture

Five Steps to Building a Strengths-Based Culture

Organizations and teams with strengths-based cultures consistently outperform their competitors, but knowing everyone’s strengths is not enough to create change.

It takes ongoing conversations, reflection and practice to successfully integrate strengths into your organization’s daily routin...


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The Exit

The Exit

Every company experiences good turnover and bad turnover.

What does a successful exit look like?

(1) The employee feels heard.

(2) The employee leaves feeling proud of their contribution.

(3) You create a brand ambassador.

The experiences and interactions people have...


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The Five Traits of Great Managers

The Five Traits of Great Managers

About half of great managing is rooted in hardwired tendencies, and the other half comes from experiences and ongoing development. Great managers inspire teams to get exceptional work done, set goals and align resources for the team to excel, influence others to act by pushing through adversity a...


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How to Develop Your Managers

How to Develop Your Managers

Managing isn’t a great experience for most people. Work is worth more for them than for the people they manage. Managers report more stress and burnout, worse work-life balance, and worse physical well-being than the individual contributors on the teams they lead.

Gallup recommends develop...


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Benefits, Perks and Flextime

Benefits, Perks and Flextime

Employees in the new workforce aren’t looking for amenities such as game rooms, free food and fancy latte machines. They are looking for benefits and perks that will improve their well-being, meaning those that offer them greater flexibility, autonomy and the ability to lead a better life.


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How to Manage—and Nurture—Creativity

How to Manage—and Nurture—Creativity

Creativity in organizations is essential. Many organizations say they want their employees to be highly creative. Yet most employees don’t believe that they’re expected to be creative or think of new ways to do things, even though every job has the potential for creativity. No one is closer to th...


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Organizational Change Is Hard

Organizational Change Is Hard

The old boss-to-employee, command-and-control leadership environment has “worked” when it comes to building process-efficiency systems, engineering large building and creating infrastructure. But the top-down leadership techniques of the past have not adapted to a workplace that now demands coach...


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What Makes A Difference In An Organization

What Makes A Difference In An Organization

70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager. When you have great managers who can maximize the potential of every team member, you have delivered on the new global will which is a great job and a great life.

Inspirational messages are important but the...


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Hiring Analytics: The Solution

Hiring Analytics: The Solution

There are five general innate traits/tendencies that predict performance across job types. They are motivation (drive for achievement), work style (efficiently organizing work), initiation (taking action), collaboration (building partnerships), and thought process (solving problems through assimi...


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Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity categories include race, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, disability, lifestyle, personality characteristics, height, weight, other physical characteristics, family composition, educational background, tenure with the organization, political ideology, an...


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The New Office

The New Office

Today’s employees demand autonomy and flexibility right down to where they work and how their workspace is designed and arranged. Slightly more than half of American workers say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility.

More than one-third would change jobs for one...


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The Gender Gap

The Gender Gap

Organizations globally need a much higher proportion of women in the workplace, not just because it benefits women, but because it’s good for business. Gender-balanced work groups have a greater capability to get work done and meet customers’ needs.

On average, women are more engaged than ...


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Creating a Culture of High Development

Creating a Culture of High Development

Two-thirds of U.S. employees have been either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs and workplaces during this time. A high-development workplace requires much more than just administering surveys. Measurement on its own doesn’t inspire change or boost performance or improve the workpl...


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Women in the Workplace: Work-Life Flexibility

Women in the Workplace: Work-Life Flexibility

Almost universally, men and women mention “balance between work and family” as one of the top challenges that working women in their countries face. Whether an organization offers flexibility and whether it actually honours flexibility are two different things.

Some organizations have an e...


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Not Just A Job

Not Just A Job

Millennials and Generation Z want a purpose, not just a paycheck. They are no longer pursuing job satisfaction—they are pursuing development. They don’t want bosses—they want coaches. They don’t want annual reviews—they want ongoing conversation. They don’t want a manager who fixates on their wea...


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Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture

Culture begins with your purpose, meaning why you are in business. It lives or dies day to day through your managers. Culture determines your brand which is how employees and customers view your company. A world-class culture inspires your most talented employees to create superior customer exper...


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Make Great Decisions

Make Great Decisions

Beyond luck, which some right decisions are attributed to, there are three keys to success:

  • Leaders know their limits, meaning their strengths and weaknesses.
  • They apply critical thinking and identify high-risk blind sides.
  • They use analytics-driven evidence.


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Make “My Development” The Reason Employees Stay

Make “My Development” The Reason Employees Stay

The No. 1 reason people change jobs today is “career growth opportunities.” Experts recommend offering ambitious and productive employees these new paths for advancement beyond becoming a manager:

(1) individual achievement as a manager or high-performing contributor,

(2) personaliz...


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The Three Requirements To Make Managers Into Coaches

The Three Requirements To Make Managers Into Coaches

Transform your managers into coaches by teaching them to meet these three requirements:

(1) Establish expectations.

(2) Continually coach.

(3) Create accountability.

Employees whose managers involved them in setting goals were nearly four times more likely to be engaged th...


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