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Things You Need To Know Before starting Your Business

Things You Need To Know Before starting Your Business

A valuable product or service is integral to starting your creative business. Still, to run and manage your business successfully, you need to consider other factors such as:


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Tips that help small business owners, start and run their businesses successfully

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Know your limits

Consider where you will draw the line. For example, can you only manage to talk on the phone with your parents once a month? Every day?

If a conversation is not fruitful, know when you need to break or walk away to prevent you from getting angry and intensifying the discus...

Name your business right

A very important step when starting to work as a freelancer is to actually call your business as what is: a ‘freelance business’.

These kind of words encourage your clients to perceive you as being trustworthy while giving you a better feeling of ownership.

They know what you want to know.

They know what you want to know.

Whenever you want to know something about a product or service you acquired, you usually dial the number at the back of the product or message them on their Facebook Page (If they have one). 

9 times out of 10, the person on the other line will know what to do with your inquiry.


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