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The main causes of inflation

  • Demand-pull inflation occurs when the economy's demand for goods and services exceeds its ability to produce them.
  • Cost-push inflation occurs when the rising price of input goods and services increases the price of final goods and services.


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What is inflation?

What is inflation?

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Cost-Push Inflation

Cost-push inflation is the decrease in the aggregate supple of goods and services stemming from an increase in the cost of production.

An increase in the costs of raw materials or labor can contribute to cost-pull inflation.

Keynesian Economics

Keynesian Economics

John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was interested in the level of national income and the volume of employment rather than in the equilibrium of the firm or the allocation of resources. 

He was still concerned with the problem of demand and supply, but “demand” in the Keynesian model means the...

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  • Comparative advantage is only an advantage of a lower opportunity cost, and does not factor in volume or quality.
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