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<p><strong>Make a summary</str...

Make a summary

make an active summary of the book, like..

  • What's the books is about in my opinion
  • Summarise the books in 3 sentences
  • 3 best quotes
  • Who should read it
  • How it changed me

You get the idea.

It will help in active recall of the book and also to meke sure that you've goten the core of the book in reading fast.


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Why Should One Read Faster ?

Why Should One Read Faster ?

Isn't it contradictory to popular belief that books should be savoured ? Some of them should be.

But most the nonfiction ones these days are loaded with one single idea and loads of examples to fill in the pages. So to make sure to get the best of the book speed reading can be a skill incr...


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<p><strong>Use a pointer</stro...

Use a pointer

Using a pointer can be particularly useful in reading physical books.

Because our eyes move in steps ( they don't move smoothly on their own ). But if eyes follow a pointer or finger while going through the book it'll turn into smoother movements and sav...


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<p><strong>Try and Reduce subv...

Try and Reduce subvocalization

if you try and Reduce speaking of what you're reading in the book, it can take your reading speed to next level because now you can just blitz through a lot of stuff.

Read the middle part

tim Ferris has talked abou...


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Ali Abdaal

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By having so much content out there, the ability sift through the fluff and to get to the main point has never been more important.

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Taking Notes

  • If and an idea from the book makes you stop and think, write it down and elaborate on it
  • Copy your favorite quotes and line into your journal. Explain why you wrote them down.
  • Write down what you learned from the book.
  • Would you recommend t...

Steps for writing a book summary

Writing a book summary consists of three steps.

  1. Take notes while you read.
  2. Write the main takeaways in your own words.
  3. Continue to summarise over time (progressive summarization.)

How to Read Lots of Books

  • The key to reading lots of book begins with no longer thinking of it as some extra activity that you do. 
  • Don’t borrow books, build your library instead and take pride in that.
  • Don’t just passively read. Make reading an active process. Make notes and comments to yourself as y...

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