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The Power Of Clear Intention

The Power Of Clear Intention

The world that we want to create gives birth to our intent. To illustrate the power of intention, here are four lines of a simple story.

A woman is lying in bed. A man comes in the room wearing a mask. The man cuts the woman's chest with a knife. The woman dies.

No let me ask a simple question. What color was the man's mask? Normally, I get two answers.

Either white or black. The color matters because it points to something deeper-- intention.

Consider the man wearing the white mask. Who is he and what is he trying to achieve? Maybe you thought of a black mask, what is he trying to achieve?


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Making myself read and write everyday and really enjoying the practice. Also, I am learning SEO, Intro to HTML, Digital Marketing, and Project Management.

Great to learn how to connect deeply with others.

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