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"Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention."

Bryant McGill,

Voice of Reason


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The Power Of Clear Intention

The Power Of Clear Intention

The world that we want to create gives birth to our intent. To illustrate the power of intention, here are four lines of a simple story.

A woman is lying in bed. A man comes in the room wearing a mask. The man cuts the woman's chest with a knife. The woman dies.

No let me ask a simple question. What color was the man's mask? Normally, I get two answers.

Either white or black. The color matters because it points to something deeper-- intention.

Consider the man wearing the white mask. Who is he and what is he trying to achieve? Maybe you thought of a black mask, what is he trying to achieve?


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Now We Have Two Men

Now We Have Two Men

One of them wearing a white mask, another wearing a black one, though their actions may be the same, they are two different people, and what separates them is not only the color of the mask, but also their intent.

The white-masked man is a surgeon who is attempting open-heart surgery, and in this case the patient dies.

The black-masked man could be a serial killer whose intention is to kill.

The world we want to create gives birth to our intent.

Your intent is the key to unlocking your potential for asking powerful questions.


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Getting Clear About Intention

Getting Clear About Intention

Intention is key to connecting and asking powerful questions, for it brings clarity to others about "where" you are coming from. Sharing your Intention allows for full transparency rather than opaqueness that leaves others guessing.


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Did You Know

Did You Know

In 2006, Scott Frey, a psychologist at the University of Oregon, published a study in the Journal of Neuroscience. He scanned the brains of participants as they watched videos of someone putting together and taking apart a toy made of numerous parts. One group simply watched the demonstration. The other group was told that after watching the video, they would be expected to reproduce the actions they viewed.

The brains of the second group showed activation of motor learning in the brain.

Simply knowing we must carry out an action, primes the brain to learn better.


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"Intention is the principle by which I rule every action in my life."



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Asking Powerful Questions To Yourself And Others

In summary, it is important to create intentions that stretch you to include the needs of others.

Shifting from judgment to openess is more easily accomplished when dropping why-based questions.

Have a mindset that considers and values the needs of others. This will allow them to fully express their own humanity

Create conversations that matter. Arm yourself with powerful questions that have no immediate answer. Chew on them. Ask them of others before your next meal. Delight in the unknown. Be an explorer of the unknown that surrounds us. Right and wrong matter less than curiosity.


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Making myself read and write everyday and really enjoying the practice. Also, I am learning SEO, Intro to HTML, Digital Marketing, and Project Management.


Great to learn how to connect deeply with others.

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