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Talking to Yourself Out Loud: How Your Own Words Shape How You Think

Talking to Yourself Out Loud: How Your Own Words Shape How You Think

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Systems and Goals

Systems and Goals

Systems are personal habits that we incorporate into our daily routines.

Building a better system is better than putting additional effort to correct errors, struggling to rise upwards towards one's perceived goal.

Talking to yourself out loud is one example of such a personal system.

Decision Making and Time Management

Self-talking can save us a lot of time by getting us out of our procrastination, and wake us up from our distractions. It makes decisions easier and makes us more committed to getting things done.


We all want to grow every day, become better problem solvers, make decisions, learn new things and then teach them to others, journal about what's going on in our lives and trying to accomplish our goals. All of this requires self-management.

Self-talking as a self-management tool is a proactive approach at our disposal.


Teaching someone makes us learn the subject well, and we can identify our areas of improvement.

Similarly, self-talking is a great way to learn, as it makes us slow down and be single-minded. This is especially helpful while doing an online course or preparing for an exam.

Talking Out Loud

Talking out loud helps spell out your intentions, and provides clarity.

Talking out loud about a problem allows you to better understand the problem, provides a certain detached view of the problem by framing it differently and can help identify possible solutions.

What we say to ourselves matters

Clearing any self-doubt and removing 'imposter syndrome' from our mind is a huge benefit of self-talking.

If you are feeling inadequate, incompetent, or simply in doubt, practicing self-compassion by giving yourself a pep-talk can work wonders.

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