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The glorification of busy

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The glorification of busy

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  • Use “make” when talking about building, producing, constructing, creating a physical object: E.g.: “I made a cup of tea
  • To indicate the components that are used to make something or the origin of a product: E.g.: “implants are made of titanium, and “This car is made in France
  • It's common to use “make” when talking about money: E.g.: “We made a deal”, or “With the price of oil increasing, oil companies are making money
  • Make can also be used to express a feeling or reaction: E.g.: “She made him happy


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This a list of common expressions with “do”

  • do: anything | business | everything | exercise | good | homework | housework | nothing | research | right | something
  • do a: crossword |dance | drawing | favor | job | painting | project | service | test
  • do an: assignment | e...


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  • Use “do” when talking about jobs, works, duties, leisures or tasks that do not produce anything physically tangible: E.g.: “You are doing a great job!
  • It is common to use do when referring to indefinite activities, often toge...


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Here it goes a list of common expressions with 'make'

  • make: coffee | money | noise | peace | plans | progress | breakfast | dinner | lunch.
  • make a: cake | call | change | choice | comment | make a complaint | make a compromise | make a confession | make a connection | deal | habit | difference | discove...


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I enjoy learning new things.

Are you confused when you should use “do” and when “make”? Well, it is not a surprise, English language doesn’t have a clear rule to follow at this regard. The following rule of thumb (with a zillion exceptions) will help you figure it out.

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