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STEP FIVE: Organize the list into a plan

STEP FIVE: Organize the list into a plan

With a written goal and an organized plan of action, you will be far more productive and efficient than someone who is carrying his goals around in his mind.


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Write a Career Action Plan

Put together a career action plan, a written document that lays out all the steps you will have to take to reach your goals. Think of it as a road map that will take you from point A to B, then to C and D.

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Turning success into a side-effect

Turning success into a side-effect

  • The focus, intensity, and sincerity of your action steps of the process, turns goal crushing into a simple side-effect.
  •  The journey doesn’t end with reaching the goals, it ends with getting complacent – when you stop improving.
  • Boredom, fati...

The easiest step

The easiest step

The 5 Second Rule

If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.

 • Start by counting backwards to yourself: 5-4-3-2-1. The counting will help you focus on the goal or commitment and ...

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