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A perspective shift takes your thinking to a higher level. Instead of simply attacking an obstacle with force (pun intended), you might find a way over it, under it, or around it. You may even realize what you thought was a problem isn’t an issue at all or that you can safely ignore it and still stay on the right path. 


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Introverted Extravert

30 Best Yoda Quotes

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How To Break Bad Habits

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Understanding the psychological rewards of bad habits

Creating new habits to replace old ones

Developing self-discipline

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Be Passionate About Something

Be Passionate About Something

People who pursue a career, a hobby, or any kind of dream with passion transmit a sense of the thrill of life that you can hardly ignore. Their enthusiasm and passion are contagious, and that in itself makes them unforgettable.

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How to trigger joy instead of anxiety when we receive praise

  • When you receive a compliment from someone, understand that it is **their** experience of the situation, not yours. Simply accept their perspective. Start by saying "thank you."
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Decrease Personal Barriers

Decrease Personal Barriers

Most people like real conversations that don’t force them to act like people they aren’t. If you see an opportunity to joke around or personalize a conversation, take it — even if it’s early. It will decrease barriers from the start, and the shift will enable you to have a better conversat...

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