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6. Surround the Topic

6. Surround the Topic

If you only read one book on a topic and use that as the basis for your beliefs for an entire category of life, well, how sound are those beliefs? How accurate and complete is your knowledge?

Reading a book takes effort, but too often, people use one book or one article as the basis for an entire belief system. This is even more true (and more difficult to overcome) when it comes to using our one, individual experience as the basis for our beliefs.


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One book will rarely change your life, even if it does deliver a lightbulb moment of insight. The key is to get a little wiser each day.

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Managing Work Stress

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Ways to improve productivity

Strategies for reducing stress

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Plain language is harder to craft than most people think

Plain language is harder to craft than most people think

You might be reading this on an iPhone. Apple products are so damn easy to use, aren’t they? But you might not realize the effort behind them.It takes more effort and time to write simply.

Yet we can all create a better experience for our readers by using plain language.

5. An empowering belief system

5. An empowering belief system

Our beliefs act as the ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch to our brain and our inner resources. Without the right beliefs in place, none of the other steps in the success formula matter.

If you believe that you don’t have what it takes to learn, the capability or that ‘it is too difficult,’ then you are...

Embrace the Audio Book

Use your commute to and from work to build/strengthen your reading habit.

  • Tip #1: Rather than setting out to spend your entire commute listening to an audiobook, just pick one leg of the commute. Making time to read more doesn’t have to mean giving up on ...

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