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Start before you're ready

Start before you're ready

Instead of preparing and researching, start before you feel ready.

Pick a first step and just do it. Repeat that step until you feel comfortable enough, then kick it up a notch.

When you look back, you won’t believe how much progress you’ve made.


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I'm a Deepstasher passionate about history, art and community projects.

Procrastination is such an obstacle for creative perfectionists that sometimes we could use a reminder to just do things. Stop overthinking.

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Managing Energy

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How to set boundaries to protect your energy

How to cultivate positive energy

Why rest and recovery are important

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  • Even if you don't feel like it, take control by starting today.
  • Shift your mental energy from thinking to doing.
  • Believe there's no better day to start than today.
  • Set a micro goal for today without worrying about tomorrow.
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Stop chasing an impossible Ideal

Stop chasing an impossible Ideal

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  2. You may just need a course correction. If you already wrote a book, back up a step, find an agent and writ...

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