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Subterranean Homesick Alien

Subterranean Homesick Alien

For the record's spacey third track, Radiohead tried to emulate the electric keys and warm textures of Miles Davis' 1970 jazz-fusion classic Bitches Brew . Yorke also drew on an old-school essay about being an alien from another planet: "You’ve landed and you’re standing in the middle of Oxford. What do you see? If you’re an alien from another planet, how would you see these people?’” he told Launch in 1999. But the final lyrics tweak that concept, using the perspective of a human bored with life on Earth.


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I owe my originality to a technical clusterfuck of emotions driven by angst and my dad's radio.

When OK Computer was released in the spring of 1997, it was instantly greeted with ravenous acclaim. According to the music press, Radiohead’s third album was pushing the boundaries of rock, it was about modern life; it was Important. And so, the band’s fans poured over every lyric and every detail in the CD artwork to divine what sort of serious concept album this was, misunderstanding that sometimes Radiohead was just goofing around.

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