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Exercising power from a place of strength is virtue, and contrary when power is saught after to fill a void it originates from a lack or weakness. That lack is either rooted in the heart or mind, and one gain is at the expense of the other.

For example, your own reasoning can utelise or feed off fear to suppress or avoid expressions of unregulated emotions, and the backlash is usually guilt or resentment. Likewise, a lack of confidence may feed off the rationale of the ego to avoid confrontations by a fake sense of control, and the backlash is usually shame or a lowered self esteem.


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I like to put myself in situations where i make interesting mistakes. Artist by nature. Engineer by study. Designer by profession. Martial Artist by Interest. Mage by inheritance, and i live by two seas and a river.

Power amplifies and exposes cognitive and behavioral predispositions that already exist within us.

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