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Profit and loss

Profit and loss are the market mechanisms that guide what should and should not be produced over the long run.


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Economics in one page

Economics in one page

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What makes it [economics] most fascinating is that its fundamental principles are so simple that they can be written on one page, that anyone can understand them, and yet very few do. — Milton Friedman

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When dieting to lose weight, there are two primary reasons why weight loss slows down over time:

  • Calorie expenditure decreases with weight loss because fewer calories are needed to maintain and move a lighter body.
  • Weight loss increases the appetite

How Much Does the Stock Market Return?

How Much Does the Stock Market Return?

Most analysts agree that historically the stock market has returned an average of 7% — 10% per year over the last 100+ years.

Now, the first thing to understand is that 7% — 10% is an average return over long stretches of time. It’s not what you should actually expect to re...

The Rule of Opposite

The Rule of Opposite

Benjamin Graham stated that the more enthusiastic investors and speculators become in the long run (of investing), the more certain they are to be proved wrong in the short run because the future of the market is unpredictable.

To be an intelligent investor means to be humble, c...

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