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The Psychology of Willpower

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The Psychology of Willpower

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The next critical task is to complete two 45-minute workouts . One of them has to be outside. Some days I just had to walk for my workouts, but that still counts!

The fourth critical task is reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book that will improve your life. Audiobooks don’t count, but you can use e-readers! 

And finally, critical task number five is to take a progress picture . This is the one that most people miss simply because they forget. So set a reminder and do it at the same time every day!

Oh, and if you miss one of these, you have to start over!


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After doing all of these myself for 75 days in a row, I can say that it’s 100% something you should consider yourself if you want to develop mental toughness. And one of the best ways to learn about it is Andy’s book called


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75 Hard - Book Summary

75 Hard is a fitness challenge and book that teaches mental toughness by making you commit to five daily critical tasks for 75 days straight, including drinking a gallon of water, reading 10 pages of a non-fiction boo...


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The Challenge

The challenge involves completing five critical tasks every day for 75 days straight, including:

  1. Take a progress picture.
  2. Drink a gallon of water.
  3. Complete two 45-minute workouts, one of which has to be outside. ...


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During days 22-28, you’ll start to experience massive transformation and “The Moment of Manifestation .” Like a superhero, you’re going to start seeing yourself changing into something amazing.



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One day he had a guest that had completed 50 ironmans in 50 days in all 50 states. He taught Andy that the key to happiness and success is mental toughness. And you get it intentionally putting yourself into uncomfortable situations. 

Andy had always wanted to teach oth...


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From day 50 to day 63, you’ll reach a level of expertise but also start to have a dip in excitement.

And finally, from day 64 to the end, you’re entering God mode where you can’t lose. You’ll reach peak mental toughness and be able to apply it to anything in your life! ...


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Lesson 3: To finish the challenge, you need to be aware of and prepared for the eight “eras” of it.

In the first 7-10 days of 75 Hard, you’re going to feel excited and learn a ton. I started realizing things about myself, my habits , and my excuses that I hadn’t ever considered, and it helped me improve.



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75 Hard - Book Review

This book and the challenge that goes with it are life-changing. It really can be as simple as committing to critical tasks for 75 days straight to gain mental toughness. Heads up, though, this book isn’t the most eloquently written. Andy curses a lot, which isn’t my favorite, but I could l...


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Who would I recommend the 75 Hard to?

The 31-year-old dad who is overwhelmed and feels like he’s in a rut, the 48-year-old that wants to be disciplined but hasn’t ever found a way to make it stick, and anybody who’s competitive enough to take on a difficult challenge that will make them mentally tough!


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Author Quote

Author Quote

"I firmly believe that no matter who you are; man or woman; how intelligent you are; how talented you are; no matter what skills you can develop mental toughness."

-Andy Frisell


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Lesson 2: There are five critical tasks to complete every day for 75 days straight to complete the 75 Hard challenge.

If you want to get mental toughness to get whatever you want out of life, you should take the 75 Hard challenge. 

The first critical task is to commit to a diet . This can be an...


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Top 3 Book Lessons

  1. The purpose of 75 Hard is to develop mental toughness, which is the key to getting happiness and anything you want in life.
  2. To complete the 75 Hard challenge, you must follow five critical tasks for 75 days straight and start over if you miss even one.
  3. There are eight “era...


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A few months ago, my sister randomly texted me and said, “I just listened to a podcast you might be interested in.” She then sent me the link to Andy Frisella ’s Real AF podcast, where he talks about the 75 Hard mental toughness challenge. 


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Lesson 1: The key to happiness and getting anything you want is mental toughness, which is why Andy Frisella created 75 Hard.

Andy Frisella didn’t have that exciting of a childhood. But he did have a supportive father who taught him mental toughness

This lesson would help Andy go on to put in years of effort to


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Andy was walking back from a club and heard a guy in a car yelling racial slurs at one of Andy’s friends. Andy confronted him about it, but when he started walking away, the man attacked.

Multiple stab wounds to the face left Andy bleeding out, but he miraculously survived...


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Introverted Extravert

75 Hard - Book Summary

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