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Reality, in other words, is circumstantial. In the greater scheme of things, it matters less whether or not a thing is actually true, but rather whether or not it is believed to be so.


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Introverted Extravert

The Truth About Lies: The Illusion of Honesty and the Evolution of Deceit

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The Psychology of Money

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The impact of emotions on financial decisions

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3. Don't lie

3. Don't lie

A lot of people believe that have to butter the other person up in kind words that you do not believe are true about the person. 

The reality is, the person will know what you are doing and be less inclined to believe you. So, to ask a favour you must be honest. 

The person will only ...

Your Life Is A Firefly Blink In A Night

Your Life Is A Firefly Blink In A Night

In the grand scheme of things, the Universe has been around for ten billion years. Your life is a firefly blink in a night. You’re here for such a brief period of time. If you fully acknowledge the futility of what you’re doing, then it can bring great happiness and peace because you realize this...

Minimalism of ideas

True minimalism is not about throwing things out, but about challenging your beliefs in an attempt to engage with ideas as they are, to not shy away from reality or its lack of answers. 

Underneath the vision of “less” is a mode of living that heighten...

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