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Don’t worry though, it’s not your fault that your upbringing makes you fear suffering. The odds are stacked against us when it comes to this truth. From a young age you were taught to focus on getting good grades in school instead of being kind to others . Learning to compete with your peers taught you the feelings of fear and contempt as a child, and you’ve known them too well ever since.


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Introverted Extravert

A Return To Love - Book Summary

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How to Feel Better About Yourself

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Choose to Take The Responsibility

Jocko Willinck’s idea of Extreme Ownership says in every situation, rather than choose to be a victim and blame others for your suffering, you decide to take responsibility for whatever happens to you.

What Guilt-tripping Is

What Guilt-tripping Is

Guilt-tripping is an indirect approach to communication. Even when you’ve done nothing wrong, the other person might imply the situation is somehow your fault. They make their unhappiness clear and leave it to you to find a way of fixing the problem.

If you feel guilty abo...

Healing and Integration of Parentification

Healing and Integration of Parentification

There are many to recovery for a young adult or adult who has been parentified as a child:

  • Tell your story! Acknowledgment of reality is the first step to healing. You are accepting not the injustice, but the truth of your story.
  • Challenging yourself to connect with others a...

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