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Define What Is At Stake

Define What Is At Stake

This can be a hard step for many of us, myself included. When it comes to thinking big though you have to understand just exactly what is at stake. Think through what your life will look like if you don’t live out your vision. What would the consequences be? What would it mean for your life, your coworkers, and your family? Now compare that to what will happen if you are able to achieve your dream. 

This step is critical to understanding the heart of what is behind your vision. It will keep you motivated when the temptation comes along to settle for less.


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Connect With What Is At Stake

Before you start pursuing it, ensure you know why the goal is important to you, what achieving it will enable and the risks and benefits of doing and not doing it. 

Your rationale will provide the intellectual and emotional power to persist when difficulties arise.

“Which? Why? What? How?” Technique

... for choosing personal goals. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Ask yourself which aspect of your life you would like to change most.
  2. Think about why you want to change this.
  3. How will that change make you feel? Determine what exactly will make you fe...

Taking life as it comes

Many people prefer to go-with-the-flow and take life as it comes. In theory, that's just fine.

But in practice, there is a problem: If you never decide on a vision for your life, you'll often find yourself living someone else's dream.

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