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2. Schedule time to worry.

As counterintuitive as this sounds, setting aside 20 minutes each day to let your worries run wild can actually reduce rumination. Giving yourself permission to self-immerse during a fixed period frees up space to be more present and engaged during the rest of the day. There are plenty of things to worry about that are beyond our control. The worry time technique can help you be more efficient by spending the time you aren’t worrying on more productive things.


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How To Stop Ruminating

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Schedule Time To Worry

Set aside 30 minutes each day to worry and make it consistent. Then, whenever you catch yourself worrying outside of that time frame, remember that the time to worry is later.

Worrying can be an endless activity and putting a timeframe on it helps to contain it and shift it from rumi...

Schedule Some Worry Time

Schedule 20 minutes a day just for worrying. Briefly acknowledge worries that come outside that timeframe, but only give them your full attention during your scheduled worry time.

This helps you to break the chain of frequent worrying you experience throughout the day. 

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