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Create Your Morning Ritual To Start Your Day Successfully

Create Your Morning Ritual To Start Your Day Successfully

When creating your own morning ritual, try to find something enjoyable that you already do before work. Then consider how you can imbue that action with a specific purpose. One way to approach this task is to ask yourself this question: In what mindset do you want to start your day? If you get the answer right, it’ll make all the difference as you face a packed day full of meetings. 

Follow Sarah Blakely, CEO of Spanx and invent your own commuting ritual to start your day and get your thoughts in order.

Follow Cal Newport and start your day with Monk Mode morning to ensure deep work


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Inspired by Japanese thinking, love marketing, tea and cultivating a growth mindset.

For a busy, dynamic, human workplace, rituals are fundamental. They can instill team spirit, drive up employee engagement, and get everyone into a mindset that helps get things done. When a ritual harnesses the Three P’s, everyone in the company feels connected to a greater purpose, while also feeling psychologically safe and comfortable. And this kind of positive atmosphere will surely lead to greater performance. 

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