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Be The Chooser In Your Own Life

Be The Chooser In Your Own Life

  • Having such choice can be paralyzing to some when they have found comfort in not having to choose for themselves - as when they gave this power to someone else, they are assured that what they do in their lives is already approved by those in their lives.
  • In other words, when we abstain from being the “chooser” of our lives, we miss the opportunity of understanding who we are most sincerely, what are true self actually is.


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Truly resonating with this article - I am appreciating the people around me for always giving me the freedom to make my own choices. I can also see how living a life that I chose myself has also empowered others to have the courage to follow their passion too. Choice is indeed freedom, in many ways. ❤️ Having the courage to start making our own choices, and to realise that we do have the power to choose in our own lives is indeed empowering. ❤️ We chose our stretch. 😊

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