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23 Ways to Make 2023 Your Miracle Year

In 1666, a 23-year-old Cambridge University student left campus and returned to his small hometown village to avoid the plague that was ravaging Europe at the time.

The bright young man would spend his year in a perpetual state of creative and intellectual flow, leading to major discoveries and advancements across fields such as calculus, motion, gravity, and optics.

His name was Isaac Newton (Sir Isaac Newton as we know him today), and 1666 was his "Annus Mirabilis"—the miracle year.


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Want to achieve fulfillment and live life with meaningful moments

This story is not about discovering gravity or inventing calculus—it's about the amazing possibilities of one year. It's about the incredible potential energy held within—waiting to be released.

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Finding Meaning

Finding Meaning

Sir Isaac Newton, was the famous English mathematician and physicist whose profound works on gravity, mechanics, optics and calculus, among other subjects have greatly shaped science in the coming centuries.

His contributions have altered and reshaped everything that Science had to offer.

Isaac Newton

In 1665, during one of the last major outbreaks of the bubonic plague in England, classes at Cambridge University were canceled, and Newton had to retreat to his family estate.

With zero structure, the young mathematician produced some of his best work during his year in quarantine, writin...

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