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Align your words, tone, emotions and body language

To ensure people listen to and act on your message, emphasize congruence, emotional intention and body language. Congruence means aligning your words, tone, expressions and gestures to create a clear message. Or, as writers say, “show don’t tell” – if you say you’re excited, look excited. Emotional intention is understanding what you want your audience to “know, do and feel.”

“Good ideas are important, but you must deliver your message in the most compelling way for it to succeed.”


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Practice Your Tone and Delivery

When you are in the limelight, you are the message. Your words form a fraction of the entire message of yours, which includes your voice tone and pace, body language, and your expressions.

It’s a good idea to convey confidence and conviction if you are sure about the issue.

Mind your body language

Mind your body language

7 percent of a message is conveyed through words. Body language plays a major role in how we communicate and how we listen.

When you’re listening, then, be aware of what your body language is saying to the speaker. Unfold your arms and be open to what this person has to say.

Mind your body language and your tone

  • Your body language is critical to conveying the right message: signal that you are a friend by keeping your arms uncrossed, your hands by your sides, and your torso open and pointed at the other person.
  • Pitch your voice a little lower than you normally do in order to co...

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