4. Commitment to a Chosen Activity - Deepstash
4. Commitment to a Chosen Activity

4. Commitment to a Chosen Activity

  • People with complex personalities care about all they do and commit themselves. They actively involve themselves in the activity. They will engage with these activities because they genuinely want to.


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The Man with a 'WHY' can conquer any 'HOW'

FLOW which is defined as being completely absorbed in an activity. This book examines how people can achieve flow and its positive effects on their lives. It also looks at how individuals can use it to bring out their best potential.

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The biggest barrier shy people have to overcome is that they have this tremendous sense of self-focus. Popular people focus on others instead of obsessing about themselves.

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Strong team players care about their work, the team, and the team’s work. They want to give their best and expect other team members to do the same.

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