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One of the most profound teachings from the book is the power of mindfulness.
Learning to be present in each moment and appreciating the beauty of the present has allowed me to let go of unnecessary worries about the past or the future.


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The ideas from "Think Like a Monk" are important to me because they offer profound insights and practical tools to enhance my overall well-being and personal growth. Each concept resonates deeply with my values and aspirations, making them relevant and significant in my life for several reasons.

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Past Moments Are Gone Forever. Mindfulness

Past Moments Are Gone Forever. Mindfulness

Most People live in either :

  • Regret of their Past : Nostalgia.
  • Hopes for their Future : Expectations.

Past moments can never be retrieved. We have no Power on either Past nor Future.

The only Moment we can control is the Present Moment. This instant. Be consci...

Mindfulness Lesson: The Inner Voices Of Past And Future

At any given moment, the inner voices of hope, anxiety, regret and expectations are always there. According to Eminem’s simple but profound lyrics in his song ‘Lose Yourself’, our past embarrassment and future worries are tangled up in our heads.

We are one tiny ego in a v...

Alan Watts On The Present Moment

Nothing exists except the present moment, as even the past or the future need the present moment to take shape. It seems shorter than a microsecond but encompasses all eternity.

Apart from this moment, one cannot be anywhere else.

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