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2. Emotional regulation:

nstead of saying "I'm so upset right now," try saying "Emma, take a deep breath and stay calm. This situation can be handled."


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This helps you understand how to navigate your thoughts, emotions, and behavior when they don't align to your values and true desires using third party words.

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Emergency Emotional Regulation Techniques

Emergency Emotional Regulation Techniques

When we are first learning how not to ‘freak out’ emotionally emergency tactics can be a godsend:

  1. Hold your breath and plunge your face into cold water, triggering what is called the ‘human dive reflex’ (or try holding ice in your hand).
  2. Do about 20 ...

7. Breathe Deeply

7. Breathe Deeply

  1. Take a long, deep breath to calm yourself down.
  2. According to Harvard Health, deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress.

Leadership and emotional regulation

Regardless of how well you are prepared for a situation, there will always be people who will frustrate or anger you.

When those situations arise, first ask yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10, how important the issue is at the moment. With anything less than a 6, take a brea...

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