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Attention Residue

Attention Residue

Attention Residue: Attention residue occurs when we switch between tasks, leaving a fragment of our attention on the previous task, even after moving on to a new one. This residue impairs our ability to fully engage in deep work. The book advises reducing task-switching and avoiding distractions to maintain focus and improve performance.


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Journey to infinity.

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Beware of Attention Residue

When you switch from some Task A to another Task B, your attention doesn’t immediately follow – a residue of your attention remains stuck thinking about the original task. This residue gets especially thick if your work on Task A was unbounded and of low intensity before you switched, but even if...

The Idea: Produce At An Elite Level 2

•High quality work produced = time spent x intensity of focus

• More intensity of focus, less time spent

Attention residue - when you switch from some Task A to another Task B, your attention doesn’t immediately follow—a residue of your attention re...

Divided focus

Having multiple tasks on your mind splits your attention and that can reduce overall performance. This is known as "attention residue."
While we can't eliminate distractions from our lives, we can create a "ready to resume list" and plan a return to the task.

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