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The Boot Principle

The Boot Principle

Taylor, after much experimentation & application like the above example, created a framework called '50X Productivity Framework'.

The pnemonic BOOT was used to explain the 4 step procedure to increase productivity


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A daydreamer who's really into psychology, philosophy & novels.

I tried to summarize a 30 minute article on Taylor, Ford & The Productivity Experiment on medium in 10 minutes. I found the article very fascinating, so why not post it on Deepstash?

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The Boot Camp Principle

The Boot Camp Principle

The boot camp principle to get better at something id inspired by military basic training programs and it goes like this:

Go through unrelenting challenges that you are completely unprepared for, day after day, for a handful of weeks, and you'll come out strong and resilient.

The State of Nature

Jean-Jacques Rousseau speculated about what the world was like before societies were created. It was important for political philosophers as it could be used to explain the motivation for creating and supporting a state.

Rousseau suggested that the state of nature was a morally neu...

The principle of Psychoprofessional Gravitation

It is the idea that if you reach professional heights and are deeply invested in being high up, you can suffer greatly when you inevitably decline.

In many professions, we may reject the inevitability of decline before a very old age. But the data are clear that for most p...

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