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Teen Phase

After doing the task for some time, you enter the teen phase where you start to feel more confident and want to show off your skills. You might also want to make it a permanent part of your life if it helps you climb the social ladder. But even if it doesn't, you will still do it until you get what the kid wants. In this phase, due to a sense of logic and calmness, you will be able to handle a few things which oppose dopamine. Now, it's okay if the task would be a little bit harder, boring, frustrating or little long.


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A daydreamer who's really into psychology, philosophy & novels.

A brainstorming session after watching a few documentaries, podcasts, movies & reading self help books led to these ideas

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Why you procrastinate

Why you procrastinate

Procrastination is fundamentally an emotional reaction to what you have to do. The more aversive a task is to you, the more you’ll resist it, and the more likely you are to procrastinate.

Aversive tasks tend to: be boring, frustrating, difficult, lack intrinsic rewards, be ...

Make a task less aversive

When you notice yourself procrastinating, use your procrastination as a trigger to examine a task’s characteristics and think about what you should change.

By breaking down exactly which attributes an aversive task has (boring, frustrating, difficult, meaningless, ambiguous...

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