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Applying the knowledge

Make sure your learning project involves something you do or not just something you learn.

  • Don’t just learn a new language, aim to have conversations with people.
  • Don’t just read a book on JavaScript, build a functioning website.
  • Don’t just watch lectures, do practice problems from the exam.

The illusion of transfer

The illusion of transfer

Transfer is the ability to apply and use what you learn.

Research showed several times the fact that much of what we set out to learn doesn’t actually transfer to the situations we need it. This applies to school, but also to your own learning efforts.

Scott H Young

"In times of difficulty, you want your efforts to matter. Not just to pass the time, but to build something that endures."


Designing your learning project

  • Don't focus on an ambitious goal. Yes, it could inspire you, but it could also frustrate you.
  • Pick your quitting time in advance. Committing to an indefinite timetable means you’ll give up as soon as things get tough.
  • Regardless of how much reading is required, give priority to the practice you intend to do.

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