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We Get What We Repeat.

If we want to predict where we will end up in 20 years down in our life, all we need to do is follow the tiny gains and losses curve we draw everyday as we progress in life. If we form good habits and be consistent with them by repeating it everyday, we can easily predict how we will be in the future.

Time Magnifies the margin between success and failure. It multiplies whatever we feed it. Good habits makes time our ally and bad habits makes it our enemy.  


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How Tiny Changes Makes A Big Difference ?

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We Become what We Repeat

Whatever action we do repeatedly, we tend to imbibe in us and it eventually makes up our character.

Repeating good or bad deeds builds up our personality accordingly. What we repeatedly do in our jobs forms our character.

A New Way to Understand Habits

A New Way to Understand Habits

When we want to achieve changes in our life, the first thing that comes to mind is that we have to change our habits and be more “productive”. 

However, despite the fact that we know the habits that would favor us, we have no reasons that support the fact of wanting to form good hab...

Get good at screening for bad information

It’s sad to say, but with the internet, the world has become flooded in bad and/or useless information.

As consumers, we must be ruthless in our consumption habits .

If something is not good or useful within the first 10% of it, skip it.

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