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Get good at screening for bad information

It’s sad to say, but with the internet, the world has become flooded in bad and/or useless information.

As consumers, we must be ruthless in our consumption habits .

If something is not good or useful within the first 10% of it, skip it.

Life is too short.

And there’s way too much good info out there.

Become an information omnivore

Become an information omnivore

Wherever you get your news, try getting your news from completely different sources (preferably sources with different views) for the next month. Just see what happens.

One thing that will help your ability to digest information from anywhere is to constantly ask yourself how ideas and concepts relate to one another.

Regularly challenge your assumptions

...habit is to actively seek out thinkers or books or ideas that actively contradict your current beliefs. Doing this is emotionally taxing, but if you’re able to do it, one of two things will happen: you’ll either

a) discover an area in which you're wrong, or

b) you will improve the arguments for your own ideas.

There’s literally no downside to challenging your own ideas and beliefs.

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