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Significance Of Getting 1% Better Everyday

Significance Of Getting 1% Better Everyday

James Clear, the author of book Atomic Habits explained the suprising power of atomic habits by giving the example of Dave Brailsford who was hired as performance director to end the 100 year long mediocre performance of the Great Britain in professional cycling. Brailsford used "the aggregation of marginal gain strategy", which is the philosophy of searching for a tiny margin of improvement in everything you do. 


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Aggregation Of Marginal Gain.

Aggregation Of Marginal Gain.

The principle came from the idea that if we can broke down everything that we do and just improve 1% in every area, then we can observe significant improvement in the overall process altogether. This divide and conquer approach helps in breaking the problem and affectively analyse each important steps. Which otherwise can be overwhelming if done on the entire process. 


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How Brailsford Used Aggregation Of Marginal Gain To Improve Bristish Professional Cycling.

To improve the process, Brailsford began by looking into small and overlooked areas which can cause impact in performance. He began by - 

  • Redesigning bike seats for better comfort.
  • Used rubbed alcohol tires for better grip.
  • Redesigned outfit which used fabrics that provided better comfort and offered better aerodynamics.
  • Asked riders to wear electrically heated shorts to maintain ideal muscle temperature.

After incorporating these small changes and several others, soon in 2008 just after 5 years, britain dominated in the 2008 olympics.


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Success is product of daily habits and not once in a life time transformation.



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Why Small Habits Makes A Big Difference.

Improving 1% everyday may not be a notable differnce. It's like noticing fitness in a unfit body with just 1 day of a work out. But when these 1% improvement is done every single day, then in the long run we can easily observe major difference.


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<p>Author explained how gettin...

Author explained how getting 1% better for over a 1 year period can make us ~38% better than what we was before and similary explained that getting 1% worse everyday for a 1 year duration can easily reduce us to 0.03% of what we began with. Therefore, forming good habits and repeating it, with as minimum as 1% everyday can provide us guranteed improvement in the long run in whatever we do. 


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We Get What We Repeat.

If we want to predict where we will end up in 20 years down in our life, all we need to do is follow the tiny gains and losses curve we draw everyday as we progress in life. If we form good habits and be consistent with them by repeating it everyday, we can easily predict how we will be in the future.

Time Magnifies the margin between success and failure. It multiplies whatever we feed it. Good habits makes time our ally and bad habits makes it our enemy.  


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How Tiny Changes Makes A Big Difference ?

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