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Feeling overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed

People sometimes procrastinate because they feel overwhelmed. For example, someone might delay cleaning their house because there are so many things to do that they don’t know where to start.

People can feel overwhelmed for many reasons, such as that a task seems too hard or too complicated. In the context of indecision and analysis paralysis (or choice paralysis), this is often due to choice overload (or over choice), where people have too many options to choose from.


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Everyone procrastinates at sometime. But, understanding why you procrastinate will help you know what anti-procrastination techniques to try.

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Understand your indecision

Understand your indecision

There are many reasons why you might procrastinate.

You may end up in a trap of analysis paralysis, you may run over the same options, hoping for some new evidence to appear, or toggle between two choices, unable to determine which is better.

People Like To Choose

Because we often experience better outcomes following choice, the association between choice and reward has become so strong in our minds that choice itself has become rewarding.

However, sometimes the decision is so complex and taxing that we prefer not to make a decision....

If you get overwhelmed

Many people procrastinate because they’re anxious about the outcome of a project, don’t think they can complete it well or fear failure.

If that’s the case, it may help to break it into smaller, manageable sub-tasks.

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