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Trust, Transparency, and Marbles

Trust, Transparency, and Marbles

Trust is earned through transparency and consistency.

How do you ever really know what a people pleaser wants? If you ask someone to come to your party and they say yes, but then you found out they told friends they were dreading it and how much they didn’t want to go, would you even invite them next time? Would you trust their word on much of anything?

Brene Brown has used the example of trust being like a jar of marbles. Every time someone does something small to earn trust, they get another marble in the jar. The marbles slowly add up over time, but it only takes one event, one lie, one situation for the entire jar of marbles to be tipped over.


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It's been a long time which I felt confused about showing "Real me" in public or not. This article made my day! Hope it help you either.

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