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Embrace Uncertainty and Foster Connection

We have to quit making the assumption that we have the other person entirely figured out and give them the benefit of the doubt to make their own decision and let the chips fall. If it doesn’t work out the way you want, perhaps it will open the door to a bigger conversation and deepen the connection you have with the other person.

Or, maybe it wasn’t the right relationship for you anyway, and you both likely would have been miserable and exhausted in the long run.


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It's been a long time which I felt confused about showing "Real me" in public or not. This article made my day! Hope it help you either.

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5. Now, letting your sense of this person recede, bring to mind the image of someone with whom you have no real connection and for whom your feelings are neutral. It could be someone you see now and again but don’t have strong feelings for, one way or another. Perhaps it’s a neighbor you pass whi...

Working with guilt and fear

Working with guilt and fear

It's a bad habit to have when it's the end of the workday yet you still feel guilty that maybe you haven't done enough, so you continue working even though it isn't the time to do so anymore.

Keeping up with this practice will only lead our bodies to be exhausted, overworked, and burnt out...

How to spot and stop exaggerating

  • Be aware of the adverbs and qualifiers you're using such as “incredibly”, “the best” or similar qualifiers. Ask yourself: do these add value to the statement? Are they a true reflection of reality?
  • Use realistic synonyms. Are you “exhausted” or jus...

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